We're enabling the Carbon Zero future by engineering
highly efficient,
easy to manufacture,

Inspired by Nature //

Insect eyes are structural marvels. We followed nature's lead and used this honeycomb-like design to engineer a novel solar cell able to capture 3X more energy at half the cost of conventional, silicon-based cells.

// SustainablY Produced

Conventional solar panels incur a high environmental debt. It takes 130 litres of oil to produce 1 silicon solar panel. Estimates are that 78 million tons of toxic solar panel waste will be in landfill by 2050.In contrast, we've invented a process that allows our micro-solar cells to be manufactured at close to carbon neutral by re-using glass from discarded solar panels.Multiple problems solved.


Long term we're pretty excited by converging innovations in manufacturing and energy storage technology.Our solar cell substrate pictured here was manufactured in 60 seconds on a prototype volumetric printer. As additive manufacturing capabilities develop we'll be able to push our already economical and hyper-localizable manufacturing process into uncharted territory.We're also expecting similar exponential gains to be unlocked as complementary battery technologies come to market. So many paths to a climate-kind future become possible when you can harvest and store solar energy economically at scale and off-grid.

// Built for humanity

The simple truth is we need to be urgently enabling the use of alternative, affordable energy sources if we're to mitigate the worst effects of climate change.If this resonates, talk to us.We're on the lookout for strategic partners who can help us deliver radical impact. Whether you're a company with a ready-to-go distribution network or an individual engineering a use case we'd love to hear from you.

3D Solar Ltd.
Rocklin, California, USA

Built by Adjective Ventures 2020

// Collaborative to our Core

Get in touch with us. We're always excited to hear from others passionate about engineering a cleaner, greener future.

Technical Specs

Nominal PowerEfficiency (%)Voltage 
NeuromancerWilliam Gibson19840-441-56956-0
Snow CrashNeal Stephenson19920-553-08853-X
SoftwareRudy Rucker19820-441-77408-3

Mechanical Specs

Module lengthModule widthModule thicknessModule area
NeuromancerWilliam Gibson19840-441-56956-0
Snow CrashNeal Stephenson19920-553-08853-X
SoftwareRudy Rucker19820-441-77408-3

How we compare

First SolarFlat Panel???????
Oxford PVSilicon-Peskovite?????????
Dragonfly SolarPeskovite?????????

Invest in our vision //

We know there are lots of people out there who share our vision for cleaner, greener, human-kind forms of energy, and we want to make sure you're involved. Ping us an email if you're interested in investing or partnering with 3D Solar.